Data register and data privacy declaration

Green Dolphin Oy`s data register and data privacy declaration according to EU`s GDPR .
Date of release 16.05.2021. 


  1. Owner of the data register

Green Dolphin Oy, Korsnäsintie 21, 00890 Helsinki


  1. Responsible person

Tommi Voutilainen ( Tel. +358 40-8605858


  1. Name of the register

Company`s customer register, marketing register, stake holder register and web service user register.


  1. Legal basis and purpose of personal data processing

According EU`s privacy policy legal basis for personal data processing is:
– customer contacts, customer relationship, marketing etc.

Information is not used any automized decision making or profiling. 


  1. Content of register

Information included to the register:

name, position, company/organisation, contact information (phone number, e-mail, address),www-site address, IP-address, banners/profiles at the socil media services, information of the ordered services and changes, invoicing information, other information related to the customer relationship   and ordered services.


  1. Regular sources of the information

The registered information will be received from the customer for example with www-forms, e-mails, phone, from social media services, contracts, customer meetings, and other cases where customers are giving their information. 

Information of the companies and other organizations will be collected from different public sources.


  1. Regular information sharing outside EU and ETA

Information is not shared regularly to the other parties. Information could be published if agreed with customers. Information could be transferred also outside EU or ETA.


8.Princibles to secure the privacy policy 

The register is handled with careful way and information handled with ITC systems are propected accordantly.


  1. The righ to check the information and the right to request to correct the information

Everyone in the register has a right to check the data stored and in case data is not correct ask for correction or add some missing information. In case of this kind of reguest the owner of the register will reply as set in EU`s GDPR (maily latest during one month).


  1. Other rights related to the processing of personal information

Person included in the register has a right to ask to remove him/her from the register (”right to be forgotten”). Addition to that registered person has all rights stipulated in EU`s GDPRR, like limitation of personal information processing in curtain cases. All the requests concerning above need to be send to the owner of the register in written form. The owner of the register could request to prove his/her identity. The owner of the register will reply as set in EU`s GDPR (maily latest during one month).

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